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At Minneapolis SEO Promotion TV, we deliver Video Marketing that gets seen.

Thanks to the innate power of video marketing, customers are far more likely to believe and trust in the message you promote through a video. You’ve heard that pictures are worth one thousand words – well, just one minute of video can be worth an equivalent of 1.8m words! BY creating professional, motion graphic videos we ensure your business is advertised with professionalism.

Why Our Customers Love Us…

High End Designs

Our video creation team work hard to ensure we deliver something beyond the basics, this includes a company that takes the time needed to fully understand your business position to create custom, attractive videos that you can truly relate with.

Actionable Results

The results that we deliver here are easy to understand and see, providing you with analytical, easy to see results. Thanks to the control and style we put into each of our videos, the results can be seen in the long-term improvement to your volume of searches and positive responses.

Intelligent Planning

We take nothing for granted with our videos, creating unique and engaging images that are planned for long-term visibility. This helps your business to grow long-term by having access to one of the most powerful marketing platforms available.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

  • With the help of a video, you can provide the same effect as an image with the same depth of description as text. This gives you the best of both worlds, ensuring you can capture both solutions together. It’s this constant attention to detail and precision that matters.

  • A system built upon long-term change and progressive development for your business can be the right way forward, and we help to do this in spades. By improving the professionalism of your output, we make your long-term goals far more actionable as you try and create a long-term approach.

  • With so many different ways to create video content that really stands out today, your business should have no problem in capturing the attentions of your viewership. Compared to basic advertising, this is far more effective and does a great job of selling your business in positive lighting.

  • Videos make it easier to get across that key message when your business has to be clear and open about a new service, offering or change. With our video designs, this becomes enjoyable.

What People Are Saying About Us…

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